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Ludum Dare: The Halfway-ish Point

And very little to show.

7 hours of hard work…

The day finally arrives: Ludum Dare begins! Excitement, nervousness… and a few drinks.

See, on Friday night I got a text from a friend asking me to come out for a few drinks and I naturally obliged! So off we went for the famous ‘few drinks’. It was around 12:45AM that I realised I probably wasn’t going to start work on the project, when I pissedly checked the Ludum Dare website to find out that the theme was to be Connected Worlds. Two hours later, I was happily tucking into a kebab, thinking blurry thoughts about what I could actually do. Eventually, sleep took over and my mind rested.

And then I woke up.

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The Race for Ludum Dare

Back when the Dot-Com bubble was still expanding — and Homestead was still one of the best free options for web hosting — some friends and I decided we wanted a piece of the financial pie. We were 11 and were absolutely convinced that all we had to do to become Internet millionaires was to make a website, followed by much laughter as we cartwheeled in the general vicinity of a bank.

For some reason, it fell to me to make that website and I immediately set about learning how to understand the logistics of nested tables without experiencing a cluster headache; something, I might add, I never quite mastered. And thus began 14 long years of web design!

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