Back when the Dot-Com bubble was still expanding — and Homestead was still one of the best free options for web hosting — some friends and I decided we wanted a piece of the financial pie. We were 11 and were absolutely convinced that all we had to do to become Internet millionaires was to make a website, followed by much laughter as we cartwheeled in the general vicinity of a bank.

For some reason, it fell to me to make that website and I immediately set about learning how to understand the logistics of nested tables without experiencing a cluster headache; something, I might add, I never quite mastered. And thus began 14 long years of web design!

Around 4 years ago, I started falling out of love with the scene. Web 2.0 was a thing and there were gradients and buttons everywhere. Web design didn’t feel as ‘pure’ to me as it used to, and clients began referring to me as a graphic designer rather than referring to my actual profession.

tl;dr: my designs weren’t something I would design; I was a cursor in somebody else’s graphics program waiting to click “quit”.

Naturally, I recently cast off the shackles of web design and development and scoured high and low for spare time in which to (fucking finally) learn the ways of the game designer. Being familiar with programming principles, I decided against using something like GameMaker or Multimedia Fusion, and instead opted to go for Unity and C# as my weapons of choice.

I’ve been actively learning for about a month now and I’m much more comfortable with C# than I ever have been with languages like JavaScript (and all of it’s bastard kin), so we’re off to a pretty good start.

Now when I began learning HTML and, a few years later, CSS, it felt easy. I was eager to get going and would happily sit at the computer making various monstrosities just to get a feel for workflow and the language that would become a huge part of my life. It’s time I stopped worrying and began doing just that with C#.

The best learning is doing, and with the advent of LD30, it’s a fantastic goal to aim for.

So here’s to the nicotine fuelled days and caffeine charged nights. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.