Mods as a commercial product.

When I moved from Newcastle to live with my girlfriend in the sunny south, I made the bold decision not to take my computer. As a PC gamer it should come as no surprise that the one thing I seriously missed was modding.

The modding community has been the backbone of PC gaming from it’s inception. The likes of Doom and Quake gave birth to so many fantastic products that stood on their own, outside of the original scope of the engine’s designers, and many high profile commerical games were released because a few guys and gals sat down and said “we should give the power to the user here”.

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The Mobile Marketplace

When I bought an iPhone 3GS in February 2009, I was in love. It was a beautiful phone, and as Apple told me “it just worked”. I was delighted and was desperate to see what the mystical “app store” would bring, so I went on to see… fart apps. Fart apps, fart simulators, fake broken screen, fart keyboard, Twitter, fart app and so on. I estimate that 75% of the now fruitful app store was filled with apps striving for the ultimate simulation of gastric expulsion.

A few years on, I’d upgraded to an iPhone 4 and the battlefield had changed. Fart apps had, by and large, been carried away on the wind, and a new era of productivity apps and games had taken their place.

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