And for the forseeable future, actually.

This isn’t exactly a new thing, in fact, on my personal Wiki I’ve had a design document written out since around September 2014 in which I’ve been planning this whole thing out. Or trying to.

So. What am I actually doing on Omnis?

Firstly, the game has been a labour of love for project lead Stephen Elder for the past 2 years. It began as a learning experience and, as tends to happen, became a fully fledged commercial project that is built using the popular RPG Maker engine.

“But you don’t use RPG Maker!” I hear you cry, hypothetical reader. And you’d be right, I don’t. I’m strictly a Unity guy (and that’s only because I haven’t had the time to delve into the Unreal engine), and that’s my job: porting the game over to the Unity engine, while still maintaining the overall look and feel of the original direction.

My first item on the agenda is putting together one of the core mechanics of the game: the battles. What makes Omnis stand out amongst other games of a similar ilk is the way the players stack up and the tactical dimension it adds to the game.

Currently, the ETA is “when it’s done”, so neither Stephen or myself can really give any hard estimates, but I can tell you that it will be in the not too distant future.

And now, a brief FAQ of questions nobody has asked me, but I expect somebody might at some point maybe ask us if they care enough. Perhaps.


You’re leaving RPG Maker?

Unfortunately so. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but I think I speak for the entire team when I say we think it’s for the best. Porting to Unity allows us to target more platforms and hopefully reach a wider audience.

What’s the current plans?

We’re aiming to launch to Kickstarter in the next few months. If you’ve been following the game on Twitter, Reddit, or RMN, or anywhere else, you’ll probably be sick of hearing this. All I can say is that we’re definitely on track, but we want to get it absolutely right.

This means that we’re doing a whole load of research and talking to a lot of people so we can get the balance right. Are we overthinking it? Probably, but we want to ensure that our own inexperience doesn’t compromise the final release.

Is there something I can play?

You bet your sweet ass, imaginary reader!

As it stands, Stephen is still working on the RPG Maker builds, and updating reasonably regularly, so by all means head over to and give it a whirl! All feedback is appreciated, so if you can drop us a line with your opinions, critiques, compliments, funny cat gif, we’d be incredibly appreciative.

Where can I keep in touch?

Stephen will be maintaining the website and blog for some time yet and posts updates often. Alternatively, you can check out the official Erias Line website and follow the game’s account on Twitter, or Facebook.

If you’d rather a more personal touch (or you just enjoy watching gamedevs suffer), you can follow Stephen here, and myself by using that big Twitter symbol in the top left there.

Of course, I’ll be posting devlogs here and everywhere else, so stay tuned!

And because I feel quite bad for the amount of hyperlinks in that segment, that’s all I’m adding. For now.